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As the focus on sustainability intensifies in the wider construction industry, environmental concerns are increasingly on a par with capital costs as a key design driver. In the future, flexibility will be crucial, whether building from scratch or redeveloping existing sites. Chris Stanley of the Concrete Block Association explains more.

Data from the Office of National Statistics published in 2017 revealed the risk of suicide among low-skilled male laborers were three times higher than the national average. Furthermore, a CIOB report revealed 70% of construction employees suffered from stress-related mental health conditions as a direct result of working in the industry. Stuart Russell, Commercial Manager at CPI Euromix, discusses the steps construction companies can take to identify the signs before it’s too late.

Increasing pressure on contractors to deliver bigger, quicker and cheaper builds can result in mistakes sometimes costing lives. Construction is an industry that shoulders much responsibility, the importance of making fundamental changes to methods of working is immeasurable. Glyn Coates, Zeroignition, looks at flaws in traditional methods of construction and offers solutions.

Future Constructor & Architect talks to Richard Flisher, the newly-appointed Managing Director of CPMG Architects. Here he discusses his passion for sketching, inspiration Ron Weeks and managing client expectations.

The BBA is a well-known and respected certification body which, through its testing, inspection and approvals activity, has been supporting innovation in the construction products industry for more than 50 years.

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