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Increasing pressure on contractors to deliver bigger, quicker and cheaper builds can result in mistakes sometimes costing lives. Construction is an industry that shoulders much responsibility, the importance of making fundamental changes to methods of working is immeasurable. Glyn Coates, Zeroignition, looks at flaws in traditional methods of construction and offers solutions.

Future Constructor & Architect talks to Richard Flisher, the newly-appointed Managing Director of CPMG Architects. Here he discusses his passion for sketching, inspiration Ron Weeks and managing client expectations.

The BBA is a well-known and respected certification body which, through its testing, inspection and approvals activity, has been supporting innovation in the construction products industry for more than 50 years.

Assurance of quality and safety are key to building product specifiers, installers and end-users. But how do you know the product being considered matches its published specification? It’s an issue that has become more critical post-Grenfell and one that the British Board of Agrément – the UK-leading building products certification body – had been considering for some time. Its answer, launched last year, was the ground-breaking Product Excellence Programme (PEP). Here Head of the BBA Testing Unit, Alvaro Enguita-Gonzalez, explores the objective of the programme.

In October, the British Board of Agrément, in conjunction with Local Authority Building Control, launched 100% Hackitt, a joint venture to press the Government to introduce all 53 of Dame Judith Hackitt’s recommendations. Claire Curtis-Thomas, Chief Executive of the BBA, discusses why the initiative is important and how the industry can get behind it.

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