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Links between damp and poor health are well established, yet tenants have been unable to force their landlords to rectify problems. That’s all set to change with the introduction of a new law, says Hudson Lambert, Managing Director of Safeguard Europe. We have known for decades that damp and ...
25/04/2019 0 comment
One of the biggest challenges facing architects is the implementation of the design as envisaged. Many times there is a pressure which may be due to installation limitations caused by weather, resulting in a compromise on the design or the material for the roofing installation. Weather is a big ...
19/02/2019 0 comment
In this article, FC&A speaks with Dr Sarah Peake, Sustainability Manager at Sika UK and market-leading, single-ply roofing manufacturer Sika Sarnafil, about the latest BREEAM standard updates. BREEAM gets a facelift Most specifiers will be aware of BREEAM, the world-leading sustainability ...
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Construction is a strategically important sector to the UK economy, accounting for 7% of the labour market and expected to create 179,000 new jobs by ...

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Increasing pressure on contractors to deliver bigger, quicker and cheaper builds can result in mistakes sometimes costing lives. Construction is an ...

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