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22/07/2019 0 comment
Dealing with excessive noise from heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) plant within commercial and residential buildings can require complex and extensive noise control solutions. Rob Lomax, Sales Director at Wakefield Acoustics, explores further. Faced with a need to improve ...
17/06/2019 0 comment
There are many reasons for buying a small house. While cost is commonly cited, for some, an excess of space is simply unnecessary, whether for having fewer personal possessions, a dislike for housekeeping or a desire to minimise one’s environmental impact. For one couple, a small house meant the ...
30/05/2019 0 comment
Links between damp and poor health are well established, yet tenants have been unable to force their landlords to rectify problems. That’s all set to change with the introduction of a new law, says Hudson Lambert, Managing Director of Safeguard Europe. We have known for decades that damp and ...
22/07/2019 0 comment

The buzz around 5G is growing. And in construction, while the prospect is creating real excitement, many are still unaware of the tangible impact it ...

22/07/2019 0 comment

As the focus on sustainability intensifies in the wider construction industry, environmental concerns are increasingly on a par with capital costs as ...

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