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As the national obesity crisis worsens and a regular flow of statistics informs us that we’re a nation in trouble, we seem to have become obsessed with how fit or unfit we are. No surprise then that this interest has started to manifest itself in the workplace. Michael Page, Joint Managing Director of workplace consultant, Saracen Interiors, explains more.

In October, Sektor Interior Solutions hosted a roundtable with figures from the design and construction community including AHR, IBI Group, MRL Design, Space Group and Travis Perkins. Here we explore what the discussion reported – in particular the drivers influencing the changing shape of our interior spaces and the opportunities that innovation presents.

While more than two thirds of professionals in the built environment identify sustainability as the industry topic of greatest interest to them, the actual meaning of the term is constantly developing. Martin Hurn, Brand Director at Ecobuild, discusses the evolution of sustainability, and highlights the need for the industry to come together in creating a common definition across the supply chain to drive the agenda forward.

Dr David Smoker, Business Development Director at ACO Water Management, examines how Brexit is set to impact on product standards in the construction sector.

Miriam Turner, Assistant Vice President Open Innovation & Product Sustainability for Interface, explains how, by pioneering sustainable ways of working and co-innovating with partners, the construction industry can strive for genuine innovation again.

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