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As cyberattacks become more frequent and sophisticated, businesses are seeking Cyber Essentials Plus certification to prove their commitment to cybersecurity. According to Matt Rhodes, Commercial Services Manager at Quiss Technology, simply claiming proficiency in dealing with potential attacks is no longer acceptable, as clients are adopting stricter vetting processes when it comes to selecting a supplier.

The skills shortage in the UK is well-documented, with the shortage most acute in the engineering and manufacturing sector. Too few trainees are entering the industry from education and, with an ageing workforce nationally, the growth of the sectors are at risk of being stunted by a chronic lack of skills, explains Richard Allen, General Manager at voestalpine Metsec.

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just around the corner, businesses must be proactive in preparing for the new regulation, which comes into effect next May, says Paula Tighe, Information Governance Director at UK-leading law firm Wright Hassall.

In recent news, The Irish Times revealed that 70% of Irish construction firms have cut exposure to the UK ahead of Brexit and have begun looking for new opportunities elsewhere in mainland Europe. Like most other industries, Brexit has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the construction industry, with the risk of currency volatility looking to be one of the industry’s main issues for longer-term projects.

Standards within the construction industry are constantly being reviewed to ensure building works comply with regulations and quality expectations. However, despite the efforts taken to meet or exceed these standards, there will still always be complaints forthcoming. Many architects and contractors may see this as an unjustified attack on their good name, or a tactic to avoid payment. This may spur them to defend their business by ‘having it out’ with the complainant.

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