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The construction industry has undergone many changes in recent years and has consistently adapted. New laws have been triggered by nationwide changes, devastating disasters and the current political climate – unpredictable events have led to sudden legislative amendments. If construction businesses aren’t prepared for what is going to be thrown their way, they will fall behind, and their business will suffer. So, for the sake of both businesses and potential clients, NiftyLift takes a look at recent laws, and how they will affect this affluent industry.

IR35 is coming into play for medium- and large-sized private companies from April 2020, following its roll out in the public sector in April 2017, writes Phil Beardwood, Compliance and Assurance Director at the Morson Group.

The construction industry encompasses a vast number of rewarding careers. For example, it has been found that construction-related employment in Great Britain increased by 3.8% in 2017, exceeding its pre-downturn peak of 2007 to reach the highest level on record. Showcasing the rising popularity of construction-based roles, this figure embodies our progress, says Russell Stilwell, Founder of RSE Building Services.

As we head towards the first December general election since 1923, continued political and economic uncertainty has put architects in a state of limbo, making it very difficult for practices to plan for the future, writes RIBA President, Alan Jones.

Peter Johnson, Chairman of Vivalda Group, thinks we may finally be nearing the end of the Grenfell saga.

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