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An architect's practice thrives on the skills, creativity and knowledge of its workforce and empowering employees to keep delivering top-quality work is important. For practice owners who may be thinking about succession plans, finding a structure which allows the business to continue to grow and develop can be difficult. Seeking alternative solutions to the traditional sale route is now becoming more popular, and the trend towards employee ownership (EO) structures is quickly gaining pace in the industry.

Dr Richard Coulton, CEO at Siltbuster, talks to FC&A about what the Environment Agency’s new Regulatory Policy Statement means for those working within the construction industry.

While it’s not unusual to see new regulations bring in new requirements, the 18th Edition will constitute one of the biggest shake-ups to the UK Wiring Regulations to date – with energy efficiency introduced for the very first time.

According to the Health and Safety Executive1 (HSE), approximately 609,000 cases of reportable work-related accidents occur in the UK each year. Thankfully, fatal injuries at work are infrequent, but the most common cause is falling from height (28%). These accidents often involve ladders.

Here, FC&A looks at some of the responses from within the industry to the Prime Minister Theresa May’s changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

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