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Tall buildings continue to play a significant role in meeting our housing and workspace needs with high-rise curtain wall systems being one of the most recognisable components of today’s tall buildings. But along with this has come the increasing importance of passive fire protection solutions playing a vital role in these buildings, mitigating the effects of fire, saving lives and property.

For all the startling advancements in technology, building access and security – whether in the public realm, at CNI sites or secure corporate facilities – must start by limiting access at the perimeter and integrating systems that can monitor, check and allow passage through perimeters with those that then offer access to buildings themselves, says Steve Bailes, Business Development Manager at the Zaun Group.

The latest figures released in July 2017 by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveal that UK workers spend an average of 37.5 hours week at work. However, a recent overtime survey conducted by showed that they also put in 8.4 hours of overtime each week, which adds up to 68 days of unpaid work each year. Indeed, for a large part of the year, people spend most of their daylight hours in the workplace, writes Tony Ludlow, Director at Connected Light.

Eight out of 10 people have left a restaurant, pub or cafe early because of the noise according to a new survey from Action on Hearing Loss – with the charity launching a nationwide campaign for a quieter dining experience supported by acoustic solutions provider, Oscar Acoustics.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are frequently overlooked as a key part of building design. Far from a mere afterthought, HVAC systems will have a direct impact on users’ health, working environment, energy use and running costs, explains Andrew Nixon, Area General Manager – Energy, HVAC and Industrial Refrigeration at Johnson Controls.

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