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Scotland – synonymous with pristine landscape, harsh weather and, of course, whisky. Whisky has been distilled in Scotland for hundreds of years.

Over 30,000 buildings worldwide are accredited to the Passivhaus standard, with that figure continuing to rise as the global pressure to create energy-efficient buildings increases. Here Nicolas Tye, Director at Nicolas Tye Architects, shares his insight into the approach architects can take when designing and building Passivhaus-accredited buildings for both the residential and commercial sectors, particularly with regard to the importance of rooflights.

Is a reluctance to move away from traditional materials still holding us back when it comes to material selection for key products such as acoustically optimised drainage pipes and fittings? Sophie Weston, Channel Marketing Manager at Geberit, looks at the properties of four key materials used for drainage pipes and fittings and asks what learnings we can gain from the European market.

The bathroom is a challenging place for someone with mobility issues or dementia and here Stuart Reynolds, Head of Product and Marketing at AKW, shows how inclusive bathroom design has helped both carers and residents at Lypiatt Lodge in Cheltenham. He also discusses how these principles can be replicated in any home.

Airport terminals were once characterised by a cacophony of sound from gate announcements and plane noise to the myriad of conversations and footfall of the thousands of passengers that pass through each and every day. Achieving optimum levels of noise control in such a complex acoustic environment is a balancing act between ensuring the intelligibility of public address systems and controlling the noise of passengers whilst at the same time creating a constant level of sound that masks activities from cafes and retail outlets. What options do airport design teams have when it comes to controlling sound and ensuring the passenger experience is stress-free and greatly improved? Stuart Colam, Acoustics Advisor of SAS International, investigates.

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