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The suspension footbridge in Tianmen, China, spans two mountains, and its design simulates that of the surrounding snow-capped mountain landscape. Further, it responds to the cloud-edge effect, capturing direct and reflected light to increase solar energy production.

While many architectural trends come and go, a consistent factor for modern building design is the improvement of health and wellbeing. With increased research on the levels of pollutants in indoor spaces, we’re expecting more from buildings in terms of how they support our bodies and minds. Here, Tony Walker, Technical Specification Controller at PPG Architectural Coatings, explains why indoor air quality is becoming a vital consideration for building design and how architects and designers can make sure their developments hit the mark.

The increasing recognition of climate change among local and central governmental bodies is resulting in greater demand for green and blue roof technologies by planning authorities. Amanda de Sousa, Product Systems Manager at BMI UK & Ireland, explains what needs they meet in a drainage context.

Dale Telling, Commercial Manager at Fassa Bortolo UK, looks at the latest trends in interior finishes and why some of the most traditional surface coverings are making a comeback.

Investment manager and developer Amvest had a fresh goal with its brand-new office, to become a best practice of its own development qualities, showcasing the epitome of how a good office, embedded in a good environment, has to relate to its users. To reinforce that image, Amvest started pioneering in its own backyard; a former industrial zone turned into a residential area.

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