As local authorities continue to grapple with the issue of handling waste in an environmentally-sound and cost-effective way, waste-to-energy plants are proving to be a solution that offers a win/win/win approach, with lower environmental impact, lower waste management costs and a source of renewable energy.

When your company wins a praiseworthy star in the 2016 Sunday Times ‘Best Companies to Work For’, it’s certainly something to shout about. But at Broadgate Estates’ new central office in London, known colloquially as The Hub, it’s the unseen and the unheard features that are pioneering future workplace development.

The brief from the matriarch of a cosmetics fortune was to create a world-class yet intimate auditorium for the playing of chamber music in a natural setting. The result is a critically-acclaimed music venue that has featured on the big screen and been enjoyed by thousands of music lovers in its first year of operation.

To bring the 100-year-old infrastructure between the Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis in line with current requirements, the state of Minnesota implemented the biggest municipal rail throughout its history. To ensure protection from the sun, its transport hub has been provided with large-scale cladding in the form of metal fabrics and additional stainless steel birds.

Developers Simone Kreutzer and Tommy Wesslund have recently completed work on an eco-home in Sweden, clad in Kebony. Villa Circuitus, meaning ‘a going around’ in Latin, is a spacious, circular 175m² passive house containing four bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen and dining area.

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