Marmox Slicedstone Veneer Sheets Transform Port Said's New Lighthouse in Egypt

Marmox Slicedstone Veneer Sheets transform Port Said's new lighthouse in Egypt, replacing the historic 1869 original.

Designed by architect Karim Gabr, known for its pioneering concrete construction, the lighthouse, now a historical monument, boasts a unique aesthetic.

Gabr's vision, 'The Dancing Lighthouse,' showcases a grey octagonal shell, echoing the old lighthouse's form, while waves and Port Said's Elsemsemya dance inspire its deconstructed design. Natural grey stone completes the shell, paying homage to the original's concrete roots. Surrounding the lighthouse, yellow stone 'cylinders' evoke the city's sandy coast, interspersed with three fountains symbolizing the Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, and Lake Manzala.

Marmox Slicedstone, with its natural beauty and unique veneers, enhances the lighthouse's surroundings. These real stone, lightweight, waterproof sheets, treated with advanced technology, offer durability, stain resistance, and UV protection. Their large format reduces installation costs. Together with the lighthouse's twisted wooden core, the contrast between the grey Slicedstone and yellow base creates a striking skyline addition.

For more information on Marmox Slicedstone, visit the website below.

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