Refresh and Colour Exterior Wood

Get summer ready by refreshing old and tired looking exterior wood with Osmo.

When exterior wood has prolonged exposure to the weather, it will begin to look dull, tired, and less vibrant. Over time, strong UV rays from the sun help to break down protective lignin in the wood, and with added moisture, the wood’s fibres become exposed and more vulnerable to change. Eventually exposed wood develops a natural grey patina.

To effectively remove this grey patina and refresh the wood back to its rich natural colour, Osmo recommends Wood Reiver Power Gel. It’s an easy to apply, non-drip product that is free of solvents, formaldehyde, chlorine compounds and amines. The gel penetrates the wood deeply and removes the grey patina.

The newly refreshed wood will benefit from a treatment to give it the necessary protection. Osmo wood finishes are based on vegetable oils that penetrate the wood to nourish it and provide the best natural protection.

Once an Osmo wood finish is dry, the wood surface will become durable and water resistant, yet breathable. Rainwater will be unable to penetrate the new protection coating and will bead on the surface, while excess moisture within the wooden structure can still escape through the coating to ensure warping is reduced.

There is a wide range of colours and finishes for exterior wood to choose from. The video features Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain in Teak 708, while Osmo Country Shades offers a wider range of colours inspired by nature – 120 colours to be exact by the Elements® range – all providing excellent UV-resistance and durability.

Visit the Osmo website today to discover the full range of wood finishes available for exterior wood, and order a Free Elements® Colour Card to achieve the perfect colour match!

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