Encasement Add Extra Polish to Tetrosyl’s HQ

Bespoke aerofoil section column casings from Encasement are being used at Tetrosyl’s Rochdale headquarters to conceal structural supports while helping add to the building’s high performance interior design scheme.

Tetrosyl is Europe’s largest manufacturer of car care products, which includes well-known brands such as T-Cut, CarPlan, Carlube and Wonder Wheels.

A key aspect of the £3million transformation of the former tax office building was the creation of a spacious new reception area.

As the design needed to accommodate several existing structural columns, Tetrosyl chose to turn them into a feature by concealing them with eight narrow elliptical casings from Encasement’s ‘Forma’ metal column casings range.

Manufactured from 3mm thick aluminium, with a brushed finish, they measure almost 1.6 metres long, but only 590 millimetres wide, and stand between 3 metres & 5 metres in height.

Encasement’s Forma column casings are part of its extensive decorative architectural casings and building linings product range.

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