Osmo Polyx-Oil – The Original Hardwax Oil for Wood

Osmo Polyx-Oil – The Original Hardwax Oil for Wood

Osmo Polyx-Oil is the Original Hardwax Oil for interior solid and engineered wood, parquet, cork and OSB

Osmo UK recommends Polyx-Oil Original for solid and engineered wood, parquet, cork and OSB, which enhances the wood’s natural character while offering an extremely durable finish with water and dirt resistance.

Polyx-Oil can be purchased in 4 finishes and 6 sizes, which includes a 5ml sample sachet – the perfect way to try before you buy, and decide first-hand which finish is best for your next project.

For Application, Osmo recommends using either a Flat Brush, Hand Pad, Floor Brush or Microfibre Roller, depending on your surface area.

For floors, combine the Floor Roller Set, with the Telescopic Handle, and a Replacement Roller in the Fresh Box. Alternatively, use the Osmo Floor Brush and Telescopic Handle, instead of the roller.

Firstly, prepare the floor surface appropriately by removing any dirt and dust.

Then, open the can of Polyx-Oil Original, and stir well. Once stirred, pour the Polyx-Oil into the tray and load your roller or brush with product, scraping off any excess.

Apply the product thinly and evenly, always working with the wood grain. Any roller or brush lap marks can be blended away within 30 minutes after application.

For thin applications, no buffering or removal of excess Polyx-Oil is necessary.

Once applied, the first coat requires 8-10 hours drying time. If using the microfibre roller, this can be stored in the airtight Fresh Box container.

The second coat is applied just like the first one. Then allow to dry for another 8-10 hours.

Once dry, the floor is now accessible to light traffic, but please ensure any mats, rugs or other floor coverings are not used for at least 14 days after application.

For further information about wood suitability, cleaning, aftercare, and technical information, visit the Polyx-Oil Original product page.

Find your nearest Osmo supplier by searching your location on the ‘Where To Buy’ website page.

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