Scratch Removal Kit Scartchfix for LVT floors Incuding Pen and Spray

Chairs often leave a lot of fine scratches on PVC Design, CV or other resilient floors. If a stone gets underneath the chair, it causes especially noticeable scratches. With the Dr. Schutz scratch removal kit Scratchfix you can easily remove all scratches.

First, the proud edges of a deep scratch on the surface of the floor are removed using a plastic wedge. Directly afterwards the surface is lightly sanded using a grey abrasive fleece. This is done to even out the floor and any fine scratches. The resulting fine sanding dust is wiped up with a slightly damp cloth and then the surface is wiped over with a dry cloth.

Now it's time to deal with the deep scratch -- for this purpose first shake the scratch remover pen Scratchfix PU Repair Pen thoroughly. Then clean the tip. Hold the pen with the tip pointing upwards and de-aerate until a little sealer escapes. Point the pen downwards onto a cloth and press again -- now the tip is filled with sealer -- wipe off excess onto the cloth.

The sealer fills the scratch and makes it almost invisible. At the same time the area has been resealed and made hard-wearing again. The sealer must dry before sealing the surface with the scratch remover spray Scratchfix PU Repair Spray.

The sealer is finely sprayed on at short intervals. Slight scratches are thus filled and sealed. With the scratch removal kit including the scratch remover spray Scratchfix PU Repair Spray and the scratch remover pen PU Repair Pen fine and deep scratches can easily be repaired.

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