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Sourcing fire safety glass is easier than ever, with the ESG Pyrotech™ fire resistant glass range.

ESG Pyrotech™ can be used in doors, screens and as partitioning in a vast array of applications.

Available as ESG Pyrotech™ E30, which provides 30 minutes’ resistance; and ESG Pyrotech™ E60 for 60 minutes’ fire resistance; as required.

A full insulation multi-layered fire-resistant glass, which can provide up to 120 minutes of protection, is also available on request.

ESG Pyrotech™ range offers high levels of performance, using lightweight materials to allow larger panel sizes.

ESG Pyrotech™ carries CERTIFIRE approval. CERTIFIRE is an independently run, UKAS accredited centre which assesses test evidence from fire resistant safety glass products, and gives guidance on using them with doors and frames, without compromising performance.

ESG can also provide fire resistant glass products with additional characteristics including sound attenuation, increased levels of security, privacy and ballistic performance.

For help in specifying the ideal fire-resistant safety glass, please contact our expert team.

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