Osmo Polyx-Oil Raw 3044 vs Tints White 3040

With different percentages of white pigment in each Polyx-Oil by Osmo UK, find out white is most suitable for your next project to achieve the light-wood look you desire.

Osmo Polyx-Oil Raw 3044 and White Tint 3040 offer interior wood surfaces with a lightly coloured, hard wearing and dirt resistant finish.

With only 1.25% white pigment in Raw 3044, it is not designed to be visible on the surface and allows wood species to retain its light colour after application.

To achieve the best results, Raw 3044 should be applied thinly and the white pigment to be worked into the wood grain.

Polyx-Oil Raw 3044

Any pigment remaining on the surface should be removed before allowing the surface to dry. The second and final coat can either be Raw 3044, or one of the Clear Osmo Oil finishes.

The Osmo White Tint 3040 has 4% white pigment, and so, will provide a higher white tinted finish, compared to the near invisible finish of Raw 3044.

To achieve the optimum tint, one coat of White 3040 is usually all that’s required. However, for a stronger intensity tint, you may want to apply a second and final coat.

Polyx-Oil Tints White 3040

When using White 3040, Osmo recommends the ‘white-on-white’ rule.

Unlike other Tints within the range, White 3040 should be used as the top-coat to prevent any possible yellowing, and therefore, does not require a top-coat of Raw 3044 or one of the Clear Osmo Oil finishes.

Learn more about these Osmo products online today, and try a sample or two, before beginning your next project.

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