Powder Coatings Know No Bounds at Powdertech Corby

Architectural powder coating is entering new realms and nowhere is that more apparent than in the progressive Collections launched by Powdertech Corby over the past 24 months.

Three new finish Collections have been curated to complement the Powdertech Evolution Collection, two further brand new Collections were launched this year and another new finish will be revealed in the first quarter 2022. Richard Besant, Director, Powdertech Corby explained “We have always worked to develop finishes that add more than just colour and protection to metal, starting with our Wood Finish Collection back in 2000. We’ve launched finishes that resemble natural earth elements and brilliant jewel effects. We’ve also recognised that many customers are excited by unique finishes, not seen elsewhere, or indeed finishes that they have a role in designing themselves – meet Freeform!”

Your own design revealed in powder coating

Powdertech provides high quality powder coating services for the architectural and interior design markets using high performance powders from world-leading manufacturers. Working for many years with these powders, the team has developed methods of providing unique effects and textures. The very latest Collection, Freeform™, gives the customer the ability to have any design, logo or text reproduced by powder coating. The beauty of Freeform is the ease and speed with which it can be applied to metal for external architectural metalwork or for interior design.

Introducing a new vibe

Late summer 2021 saw the launch of ‘Zest’, a vibrant range of powder finishes adding a fresh look to architectural metal work. Suitable for exterior and interior use on steel and aluminium, Zest shades really ‘pop’, reflecting the colours of sherbet sweets and fruit crushes. The finishes have lighter and darker shades of colour and texture, with appealing names such as ‘Tangerine crush’ and Blueberry Sherbet’.

Enduring popularity of natural earth tones

The Stone range provides metal with the solid and enduring appearance of stone, minus the design constraints that the weight of natural stone imposes. Powdertech can create custom shades to match or complement existing materials. The coating will only need a rinse over with water every six months or so in normal environmental conditions to maintain its looks, whereas real stone would need a regular full-on maintenance routine to maintain its fresh clean appearance.

Powders in the Rust Collection offer the popular industrial, ‘hard working’ look, with excellent metal protection and is a practical alternative to Corten since it does not cause run-of staining on to surrounding material. Architects designing re-generation of brown-field locations often like to honour the history of the site by referencing its past through such colour and texture.

Warm and earthy terracotta shades never lose their appeal in design. The finishes in the Terracotta Collection allow designers to combine the strength and versatility of aluminium and steel with the natural charm of terracotta, adaptable to Mediterranean, Eastern, rustic and industrial styles.

The Evolution range has rapidly achieved great popularity, for both internal and external finishes. The seventy-two shades in this Collection are based on the patinas caused in nature by metallic oxidation and ageing. This is an exciting development in powder coating technology, creating beautiful and striking effects.

“We are very pleased to be offering this wide range of unique finishes to our customers”, said Richard Besant, “Our objective is to help create statement pieces which gain deserved recognition. We’re not stopping here, Spring ’22 will see another addition to our Collections.”

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