Imagine Creating an Image and Seeing it Reproduced by Powder Coating on Metal

This you can now do, for the first time, with Freeform™, Powdertech’s latest innovative powder coating, launched at London Build Expo in November 2021.

Realise what you visualise

Richard Besant, Powdertech Director, explains: “We have been enjoying creating our Collections range of powder coating with finishes that resemble patination on metal, the beauty of stone and terracotta and the fizz and energy of sherbets and fruit crushes. It came to us that we should develop a powder coating that let our customers have some fun too and gave them full creative rein so that they could design a pattern, a logo, an image – whatever they had in mind – and see that image transferred to a sheet, or sheets of metal, in powder coating.”

The technology behind Freeform has been already proven in some of Powdertech’s ranges over the past 20 years but it has never been used in this way. Freeform is achieved using the same high-performance architectural powders that Powdertech always uses. The range of colours available is immense.

Exterior and interior transformations

“Other methods of achieving customised patterns on metal are available,” says Richard. “But often, the substances used do not comply with today’s stringent facade performance standard. Painted methods are laborious and expensive, and the powders used in Freeform outperform digital printing in terms of UV resistance and colour retention.”

The beauty of Freeform is the ease with which it can be applied to lightweight aluminium, or to steel, for external architectural metalwork or for interior design. As part of Powdertech’s stand at the recent London Build Expo 2021, the company had ‘Freeformed’ the columnar base and rounded top of a metal table. Swatches are available – please contact Powdertech for more information.

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