Wood Finish (PWF™) Still Pointing the Way Forward

Back in 2012 Powdertech Corby coated hundreds of wayfinding and information signs, and car park meter surrounds, for six Anglian Water reservoirs in the midland region.

The reservoirs are all surrounded by beautiful natural or manmade landscapes and the client’s brief was for signage that would be robust, blend in and require minimal maintenance. Strong signs and posts were constructed in aluminium and steel in various shapes and sizes. A bespoke shade was produced in Powdertech’s Wood Finish range called Anglian Elm – PWF061- providing the warm natural look of wood at the same time as giving the metal protection from everything that might (and has been) be thrown at it - wind, rain, snow, sunshine, grass cutters, dogs, bicycles, overgrown hedgerows and anything else that might be imagined in a public space.

The signs were set up on a ‘fit and forget’ basis, needing little maintenance apart from the occasional rinse down with clean water. The finish has been independently tested for colour and gloss stability and corrosion protection and meets architectural powder coating specification BS EN 12260-1.

Recently Richard Besant, Powdertech Sales Director, visited the site as a local walking area and inspected some of the signs to judge the performance after eight to nine years. The coating looks as good as the day it was applied and the posts look smart and durable – which is more than can be said for some wooden bins and painted signs nearby. Wood Finish from Powdertech is available in over 35 shades in smooth or textured finish and conforms to fire reaction standard A2,s1-d0.

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