Rockwool Unveils New STA Certified Timber Frame Insulation Solution

Purpose-designed range brings acknowledged benefits of stone wool insulation to timber frame developers and builders

As the market for new-build timber frame housing continues to grow, ROCKWOOL, the world’s largest producer of non-combustible stone wool insulation, has launched a new Timber Frame Slab insulation range. This new stone wool range is specifically designed to help developers take advantage of the many performance characteristics associated with ROCKWOOL non-combustible insulation alongside a quick-to-install, durable and sustainable solution that’s perfect for off-site and on-site timber frame construction.

“Timber frame construction in housing has seen rapid growth in recent years, already accounting for over 25%1 of the UK new build housing market. Homes England, the government’s housing accelerator, has published a strategic five-year plan that will make modular off-site timber-frame construction even more of a requirement to meet its target of 300,000 new homes per year2”, says James Mills, Product Manager at ROCKWOOL. “The new Timber Frame Slab range from ROCKWOOL is an easy to fit, long-lasting insulation range that delivers high performance thermal and sound insulation for homes. It’s also non-combustible, water repellent and vapour permeable, making it the perfect choice for fast, predictable and reliable timber-frame projects.”

Testing by the Structural Timber Frame Association (STA) has shown that the type of insulation used in timber frames significantly influences the potential spread of fire during the vulnerable construction phase. The impact different insulation types can have includes stopping or slowing the spread of fire, undergoing chemical changes and adding fuel to a fire as well as losing volume and creating voids for fire to spread. From full scale tests three categories have been established; Type FI Build 1 – Melts under heat and has combustible gases, Type FI Build 2 – Shrinks under heat and may have combustible gases and finally Type FI build 3 – Maintains volume and does not combust. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation is the only insulation type to achieve Type FI build 3. The STA goes on to provide design guidance to significantly reduce separating distances by using fire resistant materials and constructions including ROCKWOOL insulation and Norbord OSB.

ROCKWOOL Timber Frame Slab is designed as safe, fast and high-quality external wall insulation. The range offers enhanced thermal performance of 0.034 w/mK at an installation optimal density, which can meet and exceed the requirements (thermal) of Part L of the Building Regulations. ROCKWOOL Timber Frame Slab is an engineered density product designed to provide a tight friction fit which speeds installation and minimises waste. Available in 570mm widths it will friction fit into standard 600mm centres frames with no gaps, without the need for cutting. As ROCKWOOL Timber Frame Slab is manufactured from stone, any waste can be collected and recycled by ROCKWOOL to off-set the cost of landfill and help builders enhance their sustainability credentials.

ROCKWOOL insulation is a Euroclass A1 Fire Rated (non-combustible) product, it does not burn, makes no contribution to fire growth and presents no smoke hazard. This fire resilience helps enhance building safety both during the more vulnerable construction stage, and when the property is -built and occupied. It can also allow housebuilders to reduce separating distances between properties on a development to maximise space utilisation on a site.

With its dense, non-directional fibre structure, ROCKWOOL’s Timber Frame Slab will provide excellent sound insulation performance. It effectively traps sound waves and dampens vibration, reducing external noise and acoustic intrusion from between rooms within the same property.

Once installed, ROCKWOOL Timber Frame Slab, will hold its shape, ensuring that the insulation always performs to specification for the lifetime of the home. This product range is also lightweight, making it more efficient to transport and easier to handle on-site.

The range is both water repellent and vapour permeable. This helps properties to breathe and counters moisture uptake issues. Using ROCKWOOL Timber Frame Slab reduces the risk of condensation and mould, by allowing any trapped moisture to escape potential avoiding any damage to the fabric of the property

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