Anomatch™ powder coating for understated style

Powdertech Corby Ltd has recently completed powder coating the exterior façade of Senator House, in the St Paul’s Cathedral area of London. This refurbishment project includes additions to the office block with a new seventh floor roof terrace, a café, new landscaping and a re-clad exterior. The refurbishment programme was committed to significantly improving the energy performance of the building and demonstrates how existing buildings can be transformed to make them suitable for today's modern working environment.

The original façade was covered by 4000 square metres of a new modern aluminium façade, elements of which include 181 window hoods, plus associated closer angles formed as frames, spandrel panels, fin cassettes, kick plates, copings and pressings. The architects were keen to use Powdertech’s Anomatch™ range, to achieve the visually interesting yet subtle appearance of anodising across the entire façade. Powdertech supplied samples of a number of shades from the range, the client’s final decision being Anomatch™ 547. Anomatch™ creates a homogenous finish across different metal batches and joined sections and provides excellent resistance against corrosion. A lower grade aluminium can be used, rather than the high grade needed for anodising, thereby saving costs, and the turnaround is quicker than that of anodising.

With a twenty-five-year guarantee, Powdertech Anomatch™ has created a professional, durable finish, ensuring that the building will remain a visual asset to the area for many years to come.

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