Dramatic water savings by ambassador theatre group

Six famous London Theatres have now installed Falcon Waterless Urinals in their gents’ toilets. The Savoy Theatre, The Harold Pinter Theatre, The Playhouse Theatre, The Duke of York’s, The Fortune and The Trafalgar Studios are now enjoying water savings of up to 150,000 litres of water per year, per urinal - a massive saving in water charges. They are soon to be joined by The Apollo Victoria.

The Falcon Waterfree system consists of vitreous china fixtures with a patented cartridge that locks into a housing in the base of the urinal. The design of the urinal bowl and use of nonporous materials ensure that all urine passes into and through the cartridge. That's all there is – no flush valve assembly, no water supply hookup, and no wasted water.

It must also be remembered that the water saving figures quoted here are based on normal efficient usage of a flushing urinal. A small steady leak from a cistern can waste a further 227,000 litres of water per year. Often, leaks go undetected in a flush urinal, escaping water spreads across the back of the bowl and is hard to see. A stuck urinal flush valve can waste 6,370 litres per day. A waterless urinal will not leak.

Supplied by Relcross via their distributor EcoAd, the Falcon Flax urinals are designed to optionally carry advertisements across the top of the urinal. This maximises the commercial opportunity presented by a captive audience while removing a hygiene problem of wall mounted advertisements. The urinal mounted ads are easily cleaned with the urinals and offer no nooks or crannies to harbour bacteria.

The heart of the technology is the cartridge, which provides odour-free operation and easy maintenance. The pleasant-smelling sealant liquid inside the cartridge provides an airtight barrier to prevent odours from escaping. The cartridge also acts as a trap for uric sediment, which could otherwise contribute to drain pipe clogs. This results in an hygienic and odour-free environment, clean pipes, and no water waste. The only maintenance is routine spray-and-wipe cleaning and an easy change of the cartridge after around 7000 uses, which might be two to three times per year.

Venues such as theatres, sports stadia and conference centres are enthusiastic users of waterless urinals as so much water is currently wasted by automatically flushing urinals all day, every day but with actual usage concentrated into short, busy periods followed by further inactivity. The Ambassador Theatre Group joins the Dolphin Stadium in Miami, the Nou Camp in Barcelona, the Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough and many others who have installed Falcon Waterless Urinals. But any urinals can be replaced with waterless ones and the advantages enjoyed from day one.

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