How Assistive Technologies from Pressalit Help Leuchie House Guests Gain Independence

Advanced assistive products from world leading manufacturer and designer Pressalit have been installed in Leuchie House, a national respite charity that provides transformational care for its guests.

Set in a classic country house in North Berwick, facilities at Leuchie House feature the very latest in technology to help provide home from home respite care for guests living with neurological conditions such as MS, MND, stroke and Parkinson’s.

Solutions from Pressalit have been fitted in the new guest kitchen and ensuite bathrooms at the fully accessible Leuchie House, helping guests benefit from the independence technology can provide.

In the newly fitted kitchen where guests are able to attend regular therapy sessions, INDIVO kitchen worktop and cupboard lifters have been installed, allowing guests to use the space safely and comfortably.

The INDIVO lifters bring a sense of independence to daily tasks – with a simple press of a button, worktop heights can be adjusted to suit standing and seated users, and wall cupboards brought within easy reach. Tasks from washing up, cooking and preparing food, to sharing a meal at the table, can be carried out in an environment that is safe, comfortable and inclusive.

In the ensuite bathrooms, the PLUS track system allows vertical and horizontal adjustment of different bathroom products, such as basin, shower seat or arm supports. The rooms can be configured to suit individual user and carer requirements, optimising space for wheelchair or carer access. At Leuchie House these bathrooms are used predominately for guests with higher needs and are adjusted in advance of each guest’s arrival according to their individual requirements.

Julie Orr, Co-Head of Enabling Technology at Leuchie House says,

“The ability to use the new kitchen at Leuchie House for Occupational Therapy sessions with our guests while they are staying with us has been transformational for their emotional well-being. The sessions help them gain confidence with every-day tasks such as making a cup of tea, to more advanced activities such as baking, and even making jam.

“Engaging with our guests in this way is part of what makes Leuchie House and its facilities so special.”

Julie continues,

“Whilst in the setting of this historic house, we’re able to show guests the type of assistive technologies that are available to them in today’s world, which many go on to adopt in their own homes.

“The INDIVO height adjustable wall units are game changers for many of our guests, not having seen similar before. But perhaps the most frequently used are the rise and fall sink and hob units. To have control over simple tasks such as cooking and even washing up can be transformational.”

Using these technologies has given many people back choice in their lives and allows them to maintain control in their own environments.

Julie continues, “We’re delighted to have installed Pressalit technologies at Leuchie House. Pressalit are at the cutting edge of their field, with their products really standing the test of time.

“Smart equipment has been a game changer in this environment with people now experiencing positive changes in their day-to-day lives as a result. Pressalit is an amazing example of positive change through design.“

Leuchie House guest Iain, adds about the new kitchen, “It’s outstanding, life is so much easier using these units in the kitchen, they’re easily accessible, which means everything is within my reach again without fear of falling out of my wheelchair.”

Smart technology is a shared passion for both Leuchie House and Pressalit, both organisations having collaborated with the recently opened National Robotarium in Edinburgh, the UK’s largest and most advanced centre for robotics and artificial intelligence. Researchers from the National Robotarium’s Assisted Living Lab – in which Pressalit products are featured – collaborated with guests at Leuchie House to develop advanced technologies that help people with assisted living needs, helping gain increased independence.

Adam Southcott from Pressalit says, “The inclusion of Pressalit’s accessible products helps Leuchie House to provide their guests with the highest level of assistance needed to enhance their stay.

“The adaptive equipment in both kitchen and bathrooms is indispensable and means that the facilities are future proofed for many years to come.”

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