How to create an office shower and changing area for staff

With an increasing desire to create impressive office spaces in order to attract and retain the best talent, there’s a growing demand for the installation of shower and changing facilities.

Once seen as a luxury, having shower facilities in an office has become a popular choice for both new buildings and existing spaces undergoing a transformation. Such amenities appeal to employees who are committed to fitness, environmental sustainability and cutting costs through running or cycling to work. These methods of commuting can contribute to employee wellbeing, and with a link between wellbeing and productivity, installing showers in the office creates an environment where employees can thrive.

Here, Washroom Washroom’s director, Trevor Bowers, suggests ways businesses can build an office changing shower and changing facility to meet the needs of employees.

Shower cubicle

One of the most important aspects of a staff changing area is a shower cubicle, so employees can comfortably use their morning commute or lunch break to exercise should they choose to.

There are many options available for shower cubicles to suit all styles and budgets, whether you’re wanting neutral or bright colours, a glass or matt finish, or anything in between.

Hygiene and durability should also be key considerations in creating shower and changing cubicles for staff use, and products like the FENIX shower cubicle can provide an anti-bacterial and long-lasting solution. It utilises the latest nanotechnology to create a highly durable acrylic resin, even in high traffic areas.


Providing the perfect accompaniment to an office shower space, lockers allow employees to safely store their belongings whilst using the facilities.

To ensure the safety of belongings, technology has allowed manufacturers to incorporate a selection of lock types, and digital code locks have proven popular, as they mean there’s no need for the use of keys.

Lockers don’t just provide security: they can also offer the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics. There are plenty available that have been designed for both wet and dry areas, for various size and shape requirements including being large enough to hang up suits to avoid creases, and in a wide range of colours.


No luxury office washroom facility would be complete without an impressive vanity area. With plenty of styles available, there are plenty of options available to complement the overall design of the space. Vanity units are also available in a number of materials, including glass, marble, granite and solid surface – plus more to be specified to fit your exact requirements.

These can also be customised to save space, with options including mirrors and integrated soap dispensers and hand dryers. These can also be personalised to feature instruction icons and company logos where required.


Often seen in leisure centres, a great way to add a finishing touch to your office shower facilities is installing benches in changing areas. While they’re a largely practical addition, they can be manufactured and installed to match the colours and materials used throughout the space.

It’s also a great idea to install benching in shower cubicles as well as the changing area, which makes facilities more inclusive. There’s a growing awareness of the need for offices to be accessible to all, and office shower areas should be no exception.

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