AmbiRad Secures its 1000th Nor-Ray-Vac Sports Installation

AmbiRad, part of Nortek Global HVAC (UK) Ltd is celebrating securing its 1000th Nor-Ray-Vac system at Reeds School for the new Jarrett Indoor Cricket centre in Cobham, Surrey.

Working in conjunction with Sports Clubhouses and SGE Services Ltd AmbiRad will provide a radiant heat sports hall solution for the indoor cricket centre in Surrey, which consists of five training cricket wickets in the sports hall with six changing rooms, reception space and toilets to the ground floor. Located on the first floor are two viewing galleries and an external balcony space, which boasts views over the sports field.

The building will be constructed using a timber frame principle with large glulam beams sweeping across the hall, providing an exposed timber look and feel internally. ECB approved cricket netting and flooring will be included with significant lux lighting and a Nor-Ray-Vac radiant tube system.

Radiant tube heating’s big advantage is that air remains relatively cool and conducive for active sports. Air does absorb some of the heat given off by people and the building fabric at low level, but it is not heated directly so the occupants are comfortable. If they should feel too warm, the close control possible with radiant tube heating means that temperatures reduce immediately once the system is turned down or switched off.

A Nor-Ray-Vac system will be installed consisting of 3 x 32kW burners arranged in one zone feeding into a manifold and discharging the products of combustion to atmosphere via a vacuum fan located externally remote from the playing environment. The radiant branches were co-ordinated with both the lighting design and the arrangement of the cricket netting. The Nor-Ray-Vac system design layout provides blanket heat coverage of the sports facility, eliminating any cold spots.

Nick Winton, divisional manager for AmbiRad commented “We are delighted to be involved with this project, not only to have provided an excellent radiant heating solution for Reeds School but for it to be our 1000th Nor-Ray-Vac sports hall project.”

Andrew Macdonald, Director at Sports Clubhouses commented “We are really excited to be working with Nortek on this prestigious and groundbreaking project at Reed’s School. The radiant heating, situated in the cricket hall, will provide an extremely elegant and efficient heating solution within the building’s showpiece element.”

AmbiRad are one of the UK’s leading HVAC providers and have delivered ideal solutions for clients for decades, the first Nor-Ray-Vac sports hall project to be completed was for Mountain Ash School in Mid Glamorgan back in 1993. The project consisted of a sports hall heated by 6 Nor-Ray-Vac burners and one discharge fan. The Nor-Ray-Vac product has been developed and refined several times since then as AmbiRad has a continuous development policy. The current Nor-Ray-Vac system can be designed to be ETL compliant, so qualifying for the ECA scheme, an upfront tax relief enabling businesses that invest in energy-saving equipment to claim 100% first-year capital allowances against their taxable profits. The system has also been developed so that it can be modulated down to 50% of full load, thus increasing the overall efficiency, comfort and economy for the user.

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