Warmbeam & Warmbeam Plus make a welcome comeback

After months of intensive development, S and B EPS Limited have today announced that they are in the final stages of having their latest product range receive the BBA mark of approval.

Aimed at the structural flooring market, Warmbeam and Warmbeam Plus offers an simple yet cost effective method of creating insulated suspended ground floors in residential and commercial buildings.

Manufactured from their plant in Cramlington in the North East of England, the Warmbeam interlocking EPS panels are specially designed to be strategically slotted and rotated into place between the shoulders of the pre-cast concrete floor T-beams.

This creates a continuous thermal barrier below the beams, which in turn helps to prevent cold bridging and interstitial condensation. The formwork also provides the perfect base on which to lay the floor screed and damp proof membrane if required. Once the beams and the Warmbeam blocks have been installed, the walls supporting the T-beams can then be built up to finished floor level with bricks or concrete blocks to suit.

Available in white EPS as standard, Warmbeam provides a fantastic solution for most general flooring applications. Where a more superior level of thermal performance is required, Warmbeam Plus, with its graphite enhanced Neopor® technology, manufactured by BASF, offers the ultimate in thermal performance.

With superb environmental credentials, Warmbeam and Warmbeam Plus floor insulation boards boast Zero Ozone Depletion Potential, <5 Global Warming Potential and all clean boards are 100% recyclable.

Paul Banks, Technical Director at S and B EPS Limited commented “The Warmbeam and Warmbeam Plus systems have been supplied to the UK flooring market in the past with great success. However we fully acknowledge that to keep ahead of the game, as regulations continue to improve, so must our systems.

“With that in mind, to ensure that we are complying with all current legislation, the systems are undergoing re-certification with the British Board of Agrément (BBA) to bring all of the required technical and legal requirements up to date. This includes third party factory production control, which will ensure we can confidently offer a product that will meet all of our customer’s needs.

Once this certification process is complete, we will once again be in a position to offer our customers a proven and efficient UK manufactured system with rapid turnaround times and guaranteed quality.”

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