Passivent No Leak Guarantee Protects Year After Year

Passivent, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of natural ventilation solutions, has unveiled a market-leading 15 year no leak guarantee available as standard across three of its most popular roof ventilation terminal products.

The Passivent Airscoop, Airstract, and Hybrid Plus Airstract roof ventilation terminals are all covered by the 15 year guarantee, which starts from the date of installation, rather than the purchase date.

Central to all three products is Passivent’s patented double-bank louvre system within the terminals. The unique design means buildings relying on these products will be 100 per cent ventilated all year round, regardless of external weather conditions. And so robust is the design that Passivent is able to guarantee no leaks for 15 years, provided the roof ventilation terminals covered have been installed in accordance with Passivent fixing instructions.

What’s more, there is no requirement to undertake a regular servicing programme for the roof terminals to quality for the guarantee. As the Airscoop, Airstract, and Hybrid Plus Airstract do not include mechanical or electrical items, such as actuators, within the terminal, no regular maintenance is required which in turn means no need to allow for external roof access.

The guarantee is granted to the product and so is transferable to any future building owner for the remainder of the term.

A lot can happen in 15 years but Passivent’s Airscoop, Airstract, and Hybrid Plus Airstract roof ventilation terminals will keep buildings well ventilated with no leaks – guaranteed.

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