Vortice Launches Positive Input Ventilation System to the UK Market

VORTICE has launched a new Positive Input Ventilation System (PIV) in both loft and wall versions to help eradicate the issue of mould in the home.

We spend more than 90% of our time indoors and unless we take steps to ventilate our homes correctly, the quality of the air we breathe can be 50 times more polluted than outdoor air, with all the associated health risks. Why is that? We are sealing up our homes and when you contemplate the number of cleaning products, hair sprays, paints, air fresheners, new furniture and carpets that we bring into our home, you’ll realise what we’re feeding into our indoor air. One of the main issues is the rise of humidity, encouraging the presence of condensation, mould and dust mites in the home and if not treated properly can cause or increase health risks such as breathing issues or skin allergies.

Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) means that a loft unit continuously draws air through the loft’s natural leakage and ventilation points from outside, then feeds it through a filter into the property via a central hallway diffuser. The wall unit works in the same way but is directly ducted to the outside and situated in the hallway of the property. By bringing this fresh air in, it reduces the humidity in the home, reducing the opportunity for mould to grow.

The main benefit of the VORTICE system for the occupant is the air distribution box accessory; this allows the air to be distributed evenly in the home, reducing the requirement for a heater. The unit is equipped with seasonal settings which allows a heater to be used to increase the temperature of the air introduced to the property when the weather requires it. The unit boasts many features for the installer such as a data logger, easy to control panel and pre-set and lockable functions for quick and easy set up. VORTICE prides itself on the stylish Italian design that is evident in this product, ensuring that products are not only ergonomic, functional and eco-friendly but also aesthetically pleasing.

Marketing Manager Jennifer Quinn says: “Recent news headlines have demonstrated the problems to health that mould brings, something we have been discussing for a long time. We are delighted to bring such a fundamental product solution into the VORTICE range in order to tackle this vital issue and it is brilliant for the market.”

For further information on the Vort PIV range or to learn more about mould and condensation in the home, please visit the website below.

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