Omnie New Guide for Developers

OMNIE, the British innovator in underfloor heating and renewable technologies, has published a Developers’ Guide aimed at helping housebuilders and property companies differentiate their projects in a crowded market place: ensuring their buyers enjoy the most comfortable and healthy indoor environments.

The manufacturer has over 30 years of accumulated experience in the marketplace, evolving an integrated ‘Whole house system’ which has facilitated the creation of its ‘One Environment’ concept based around five key technologies.

These five are ventilation & heat recovery, underfloor heating, hot & cold water distribution, heat pumps and – fundamental to all these technologies working effectively and efficiently – sophisticated yet user-friendly controls.

OMNIE’s offering means developers can be sure they can access the appropriate solutions to help them achieve the perfect levels of comfort: from the early design stage. Its technical experts will provide a free design service along with the support of a dedicated project manager. Expert guidance throughout the contract stages will avoid costly clashes or delays, before user manuals are provided to ensure the end-user understands how to operate the whole system.

Brendan Hourican of OMNIE comments: “The developer can be assured of support throughout their project, with OMNIE able to design and manufacture products to suit every building’s construction, taking into consideration acoustic details, loading requirements, services and differing floor types – covering everything from castles to churches, low-energy buildings to period properties, cottages and even yurts.

Uniquely, as well as guidance from the start to the end of a project, we can offer the developer total peace of mind, from the initial quote to tailoring every installation to suit the new homeowner as well as scheduling deliveries of components to fulfil phases or on a plot-by- plot basis.”

With all OMNIE’s products designed and manufactured in the UK, supply chain issues can be avoided – plus, of course, by buying British, the developer can be assured they won’t be subjected to the vagaries of fluctuating international currencies.

OMNIE’s publication includes several case studies for developers to draw inspiration from, with more to be found on the website below.

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