Dorma glass shopfronts add flexibility

Bringing convenience and flexibility to retail outlets, DORMA’S Varitrans range of glass moveable walls not only encourages customers into the shop, thanks to clear and open access, but also allows the visual potential of the store front to be maximised with eye-catching displays.

Reflecting the needs of different locations, a glass partitioning wall system can be either manual or fully automatic, allowing shop staff to quickly adapt the space to meet changing requirements throughout the day. Installed in retail units across the world, DORMA Varitrans moveable glass walls are available through partitioning experts and sole UK distributors, Style.

“The UK retail market is only just beginning to recognise the potential offered by moveable glass partitions,” comments Julian Sargent, Group Managing Director for Style. “Traditional shops fronts tend to be fixed glass or unsightly roller shutter door units but DORMA’S partitioning systems allows far greater design flexibility.”

With the Varitrans moveable wall system, staff can easily change the size and positioning of the entrance and exit points for shoppers, widening or reducing them as necessary to accommodate increasing levels of foot traffic or shifts in weather conditions. Where appropriate, the glass partitioning wall can even be entirely removed, with the individual panels being stacked neatly to one side to create a welcoming open side to the retail outlet. Where necessary, corner and angled elements can be incorporated.

Although designed for effortless manual operation, for increased ease of use the Varitrans system is available with the fully automatic DORMA ComfortDrive solution, allowing the panels to be moved into place at the press of a button. Different programming modes allow infinitely variable partial and personnel openings as well as the “louvered” through passage position. Single and double pass doors can be incorporated to allow pedestrian access routes without the need of breaking down the wall.

For any retail outlet, security is of paramount importance. The rear of the fitting takes the form of a smooth surface and the system features unlocking protection to prevent unauthorised opening.

Finally, there is no need to compromise shop store branding with a glass wall frontage. Panels can be fully customised using screen printing, sand-etching and logo placement for example, helping communicate with customers and reinforce corporate identity.

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