Empowering Creativity & Colour: Osmo Tinting System

In a world of ever-growing choice, empowerment for creativity is increasing year-on-year throughout the interiors of buildings as people are utilising a variety of colour and surface finishes for wood.

Colour is allowing individuals to take control of their creativity and bring inspirations to life, from the floors we walk on, to the furniture and fixings that surround us.

Pairing brilliant craftsmanship with the optimum wood finish is thoroughly important when it comes to transforming the raw material into long-standing, timeless pieces of art, furniture, and high traffic structures. Offering the protection and nourishment to wood is the key to longevity, which allows the natural material to breathe while giving it excellent resistance against human and environmental impact.

Osmo has taken centre stage with the introduction of the Osmo Tinting System – a colour game changer for the wood market that encourages all to see beyond their limited palette and enter a new world of colour. Previously known for some of the best clear and tinted wood finishes around the world, Osmo is now able to offer the UK a whole range of new transparent and opaque colour opportunities across a variety of high performing interior and exterior products, including the popular colour ranges of RAL Classic, NCS 2500, and BS 4800.

Osmo has simplified the customisation process with three easy steps; choose your product, choose your colour, and choose your finish. A satin wood finish is often the popular choice, however if requirements dictate for a glossy, matt, or even semi-matt finish, then this can also be achieved with the right product choice.

Specifically for interiors, the latest launch for the Osmo Tinting System is the ever-popular Wood Wax Finish. Overnight, this all-rounder of a natural wood finish has jumped from a colour range in the tens, to a colour range boasting thousands of options which can be effortlessly mixed on demand in many stores throughout the UK. The new spectrum of colour, which includes the new 120 Elements® colour range inspired by nature, allows the creator to invite new shades of colour into their spaces. Whether working on a small domestic project or within a large commercial building, Wood Wax Finish offers an impressive coverage of up to 60m2 per 2.5 litre tin size. This, coupled with its excellent characteristics for protecting wood will help achieve perfection for any project size. From wooden walls, ceilings, and floors, to feature staircases, furniture, and sculptures, this could be by colour matching to an already furnished space or by creating a unique statement piece.

Osmo currently has many stores throughout the UK that can mix your favourite colours in store on demand and will be continuing to roll out their new Tinting System to even more locations. Find your nearest Osmo ‘Mix In Store’ supplier today via the Osmo Supplier website and personalise your next project by unleashing your colour creativity.

For expert knowledge and advice, contact the Osmo team today, and discover their full range of natural wood finishes online today.

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