CCF and Knauf Insulation Unite to Guide Housebuilders Through Part L and Beyond

Showing a strong commitment to both sustainability and supply chain collaboration, leading insulation, drywall and ceiling product distributor CCF has joined forces with Knauf Insulation to identify some of the most common issues surrounding meeting Part L and achieving lower U-values to understand how best to support customers through changing regulations.

As the year-long transition period for the new Part L regulations has come to an end and with the introduction of the planned Future Homes Standard less than two years away, the two companies came together to discuss the important roles that both product manufacturers and distributors have to play in supporting the industry to be able to deliver the energy efficient homes of the future. With both companies providing their own unique perspective, technical insight and practical suggestions, it was an excellent example of supply chain collaboration at its best and the discussion was recorded so that customers can access this resource at their convenience.

Representatives from both companies’ sales and technical teams met to primarily discuss the implications of Part L. The team also shared suggestions of the practical steps both product manufacturers and distributors could take to make the process of navigating regulation changes easier for housebuilders and how to engage with customers as early as possible. The two-hour session could easily have been longer with so much to discuss and so many insightful points raised by the team, touching on the skills shortage, competence issues as well as how to bridge the performance gap through product training.

Jolyon Berg, Head of Technical at CCF commented: “One of the themes raised time and again is collaboration. If we’re to adapt to changing regulations in order to build homes fit for the future then effective supply chain collaboration has never been more important. Open and honest conversations like this with input from different stakeholders is a vital part of this collaborative approach and I’m proud that CCF is playing its part in such constructive conversations.”

Watch the video of the discussion here.

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