ROCKWOOL Supports Construction Professionals with New e-learning Platform

Stone wool insulation manufacturer, ROCKWOOL has expanded its technical and specification support with the launch of ROCKWOOL Learning, a new e-learning platform that makes it easier for construction professionals to access learning resources and track personal development.

Designed for self-guided learning, the platform allows registered users to access experience-appropriate content and complete self-selected modules at their own pace. Learning progress is automatically tracked through the platform, giving users an accurate CPD record and removing the need to manually record the completion of eligible activities.

ROCKWOOL Learning brings together the company’s suite of learning and development resources into one place, making these readily accessible any time of day. While initial launch provides access to instructional and informational content for architects and contractors, ROCKWOOL has a clear roadmap to expand its offering over the coming months to accommodate other construction stakeholders including housebuilders, self-builders, and fire or HVAC specialists.

"Best practices and legislation in the construction industry are always evolving, so it's essential for specifiers and contractors to have access to up-to-date development and training opportunities. ROCKWOOL Learning is our latest investment to help enhance the skills and knowledge of those in the industry," said Paul Barrett, Head of Product Management at ROCKWOOL.

"We want to empower industry professionals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions when it comes to selecting insulation solutions. In the coming months, we will develop the platform with additional courses and training to assist with personal development across an even wider variety of building topics.”

To get started with ROCKWOOL Learning, visit the website today.

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