Brighton Based Specialist Tanking Old School Basement Using Triton Technology

A damp-proofing and timber treatment specialist, whose business has expanded and developed in parallel to that of Triton Systems over the past 40 years, is currently employing two of the manufacturer’s well proven products for the tanking of a large basement beneath an old school in Ovingdean, Sussex.

Bensleys, which serves clients along the South Cost and across the South-East from its base in nearby Brighton, was established in the mid-eighties and immediately struck up a beneficial working relationship with Triton as an emerging force in the development of drainage membranes, waterproofing systems, additives and other products suited to the challenges of working below ground.

Lee Browne, whose father Brian took over the running of the company some 35 years ago, is supervising the site in Ovingdean and has experience of working closely with Triton on a wide range of projects in different sectors.

He commented: “We tackle any sort of damp-proofing or timber preservation work for domestic and commercial clients – including hotels and the businesses which trade in the archways along Brighton seafront. Since we started, Triton has always been our go-to supplier for damp-proofing systems and - as members of the Triton Users Group - still supply us with most of our materials.

In the case of this school, where three walls of the basement are below ground due to the sloping site, the capillary damp was quite bad, but I was confident it could be treated using the TT55 tanking slurry and Triton’s Tri-Cream DPC treatment which we inject. Triton has always been brilliant with us and any time a technical issue arises, I will always get in touch with Steve West at Triton or one of his colleagues, for advice or the supply or a special detail.”

BBA certified Triton Tri-Cream presents a unique blend of silane and siloxanes which are injected into brickwork for the control of rising damp. Significantly it is delivered using hand pressure rather than special equipment and, once injected into a series of holes in the mortar joints, rapidly migrates into the pores before reverting to a liquid phase and forming polysiloxanes in-situ.

Bensleys is carrying out all of the damp-proofing work on behalf of another locally based company, Fullers Plastering, with the contract on schedule for completion in time for the property to reopen later this year as a language school.

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