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Be it residential or commercial, the exterior of buildings often feature wood as part of its design such as window framing, doors, cladding, and fencing, all of which requires a quality wood finish to provide it with the necessary high protection and longevity it deserves.

As wood is a natural material, it will react to its environment throughout the changing seasons by expanding, shrinking, cracking, and discolouring. Over time, this can lead to the natural wood surface looking tired and worn, leaving a less than satisfactory visual appearance. Therefore, external wood requires a suitable clear or colour finish to offer the wood protection while meeting the requirements of a technical specification of a commercial project or the personal preferences of a domestic home.

UV Protection with a Clear Wood Finish

At Osmo, UV protection for wood is one of the most talked about topics. The aptly named Osmo UV-Protection Oil provides a much-loved clear finish and 12-times the UV protection for wood in comparison to untreated wood.

The sustainable clear oil enhances the natural look of wood leaving it nourished and water resistant, with the option for active ingredients to additionally protect it against mould, algae and fungal attacks. Ideal for vertical surfaces, it offers a microporous finish which does not crack, peel, or flake, overcoming the need for heavy wood stains or paint.

Endless Colour for Expressive Design

From bold impactful colours to subtle neutral tones, colour plays a huge part within design, architecture, and a home and garden. Osmo colour finishes give wood a personality to better its environment or accentuate a business’s brand which are ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

For natural-looking projects, Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain is a brilliant addition to your building product arsenal which offers 19 standard finishes in a spectrum of natural wood colours and neutral tones. Equally impressive is the fast-drying times to successfully aid those time sensitive projects.

For a pop of colour, Osmo Country Colour and Country Shades promises premium durability and a wide range of rich colours, which hide the wood’s natural colour and grain yet maintain its natural texture. Due to the opaque colour of these two products, the UV resistance is unmatched allowing the wood to remain protected against the unpredictable British weather. An Osmo colour finish will not suffocate wood, but instead leaves the natural surface breathable and nourished, preventing unwanted cracking, peeling, and flaking which is often found after time when using general exterior paints.

Browse the new colour collection on the Osmo UK website and pre-order your Elements® Colour Card today for an exact match colour representation. The Osmo team are always on hand with expert advice and wood-related knowledge.

Give wood the clear and colour protection it deserves. Osmo, Good for Wood.

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