Colours Inspired By Nature

Colour has a huge impact on how we feel, act, and react to moments in life. There are even several psychological studies on how colours can evoke different moods which can profoundly affect our happiness, productivity, and more. Today, the experts at Osmo UK have utilised this knowledge to carefully select a brand-new colour palette for their new wood oil product launch.

Consciously or unconsciously, we are all inspired by our natural surroundings which allow us to create exciting new natural and man-made things. Interestingly, the history of the first colour used in art, dates to 75,000 years ago when red, from ochre, was used for caveman drawings. Nature provides us with ever-changing beauty, from the waves of the sea and the wilderness of roaring rivers to the elegant flicker of a flame and the vast purity of the sky. This inspiration can be categorised into four groups, often known as the four elements of nature: air, earth, fire, and water.

While already offering a large range of bold colours and wood-related hues for their current product range, Osmo UK decided to deeply observe the elements of nature for their new exterior wood finish, Country Shades. In doing so, the team has now created a brand-new collection of 120 bespoke colours, aptly named Elements®, that are grouped by the four elements, reflecting the varying tones we visually experience on Earth.

Each colour has been given a unique description that allows you to connect to the colours on a deeper level, like the Osmo team did when choosing them. Whether you’re attracted to bold, bright, and strong colours, or more drawn towards calm, neutral, and subtle pastel colours, the new Osmo UK collection provides a shade for every colour.

NEW Country Shades

Osmo Country Shades is the new wood finish to join the exterior product range. It not only boasts 120 new colours inspired by nature but is also a high-performance wood finish offering excellent durability in all weather conditions, while protecting the wood surface from harmful and damaging UV rays.

Often outdoor wooden projects are on the larger scale compared to interior applications. That’s why Country Shades has excellent coverage too, offering up to 26m2 per litre with just one coat and making it very suitable for a range of applications, such as cladding, fencing, furniture, garden buildings, and more. Plus, when signs of wear become visible, this Osmo finish does not require sanding before re-application which ultimately reduces your maintenance time and increases the longevity of your wood, leaving your beloved project or home looking its best for years to come.

Browse the new colour collection on the Osmo UK website and pre-order your Elements® Colour Card today for an exact match colour representation, before purchasing Country Shades. The Osmo team are always on hand with expert advice and wood-related knowledge.

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