Colours Inspired By Nature

Colour has a huge impact on how we feel, act and react. There are various psychological studies on how different colours evoke different moods, which can profoundly affect our happiness and productivity.

Interestingly, the history of the first colour used in art dates back to 75,000 years ago when red, from ochre, was used for caveman drawings - Using colours inspired by nature.

Nature provides us with ever-changing beauty, the waves of the sea and the wildness of roaring rivers; these are all elements that Osmo UK have drawn upon for inspiration. With innovative design, Osmo UK has created a new product with nature in mind. Explore the colours inspired by nature, from the ocean floor to your home.

NEW Country Shades

Country Shades is a stunning new wood finish to join the Osmo UK exterior range, with 120 colours inspired by nature. Country Shades offers up to 26M²per litre with just one coat. The high performance exterior wood finish doesn’t require sanding for future applications. A simple re-application is recommended when signs of wear become visible. Reduce your maintenance time and increase your wood’s longevity with Osmo UK’s quality wood finishes.

Inspired By The Elements Of Nature

Country Shades' new range of colours are inspired by the four elements of nature; air, earth, fire and water. Offering a collection of 120 bespoke colours which have been carefully selected by Osmo.

UK’s experts. Each colour has been given a unique description which allows you to connect to the colours on a deeper level. Whether you’re looking for a bold, bright and strong colour or a subtle, calm and neutral colour, Osmo UK’s new range provides a shade for every colour preference. Give wood the colour it deserves, with Osmo UK.

Get in touch with Osmo UK to pre-order your colour card!

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