Make Your Mark with Sonify by Zentia, a New Innovative Customisable Acoustic Ceiling Solution

Leading UK ceiling manufacturers Zentia are proud to launch Sonify, a pioneering discontinuous acoustic ceiling solution that allows architects to unleash their creativity on every project.

Utilising the latest technology, Sonify by Zentia adopts a ground-breaking digital first approach to designing a ceiling system. Sonify 3D Studio is an online parametric configurator that allows each design to be visualised and exported as a Revit file to support digital workflows and The Golden Thread.

John Spicer, Head of New Product Development at Zentia, has been instrumental in Sonify’s development. He comments: “We looked at the current issues in the industry surrounding the specification, distribution and installation of highly customisable discontinuous ceiling solutions and developed Sonify to overcome them.

“Sonify by Zentia utilises a range of pre-engineered panel shapes and sizes, combined with a wide range of standard colours to provide a hybrid approach to ceiling installation and suspension, including height adjustment options.

“Sonify Create offers a range of suspension solutions that includes a patent-pending grid system that delivers unrivalled accuracy, speed and stability with regards to installation. There is also the option to add colour to the grid and turn it into a design feature in its own right.”

Sonify by Zentia is designed to bring distinction to a wide range of new-build and refurbishment projects, from statement ceilings in hotels, airports, retail outlets and offices, to providing aesthetic ways to absorb sound in schools and hospitals.

Zentia’s Sales and Marketing Director Graham Taylor said: “Delivering a complete and personalised acoustic ceiling solution while offering unsurpassed levels of value, quality and reliability is now a possibility for every project.

“We have worked hard to ensure we offer a complete system with a short lead-time at a competitive price. We are excited to see people explore the possibilities with Sonify by Zentia.”

To learn more about Sonify by Zentia visit our website.

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