B.O.S.S A1 Leads the Way for Brick Soffits

IG Masonry Support’s B.O.S.S. A1 offers true flexibility when creating stunning brick facades. Manufactured to meet A1 fire regulations, B.O.S.S. A1 is, quite simply, the boss of brick soffit systems.

B.O.S.S. A1 is an advanced, lightweight, prefabricated brick slip soffit system that offers architects the ability to achieve visually stunning brick detail. Compliant with A1 fire regulations and the first product of its kind to be carbon neutral, the BBA-certified B.O.S.S. is a visionary system that meets growing market needs for net-zero products that improve fire safety on tall buildings. The unit, which is designed to be quickly and easily bolted to IG’s Welded Masonry Support (WMS), creates deep reveals, soffits and flying beams on masonry facades, offering significant creative potential.

Andy Neal, Managing Director of IG Masonry Support, says: “It is clear that there has been a considerable need to develop systems that will provide a genuine A1 fire rating for buildings over 18 metres high. I am proud that we have been able to respond to this market need with B.O.S.S. A1, which combines adhesives with mechanical fixings to deliver the fire safety performance demanded while at the same time delivering an innovative carbon neutral solution.”

B.O.S.S is an established and successful product with a proven track record of success. The A1 solution is the third generation of its type within the range. Since its original launch the product has earned numerous industry accolades including the Commercial Innovation of the Year award in 2015. Its latest incarnation provides further evidence of IG Masonry Support’s commitment to enhance and offer solutions which are tested above what is expected in the industry whilst taking a responsible approach to climate change.

As well as being aesthetically striking, B.O.S.S. A1 hits the mark on quality. IG Masonry Support took its product testing programme to the limit with B.O.S.S. A1. Although not required by code of practice regulations, the system has been subjected to Hygrothermal testing, the most adverse weathering assessment that can be carried out against B.O.S.S. A1. Its durable credentials resulting from its high-quality manufacture meant the product passed the rigorous examination with ease.

What’s more, as B.O.S.S. A1 is prefabricated to meet individual project requirements and the system offers a 90% time saving onsite when compared to traditional trades. Alternative systems for suspending brick from the underside of masonry support require bricks to be predrilled and hung from rods, and mechanically lifted, which can be timely and labour intensive. With B.O.S.S. A1 however, which is 70% lighter than equivalent concrete units, numerous time and cost savings can be made.

IG Masonry Support launched a video that showcases B.O.S.S. A1 in action. Click here to watch the video and find out more about the system.

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