Exceptional Results for Rhino Rocks, Thanks to Dr Schutz

Rhino Rocks is a professional floor cleaning business based in Yorkshire, specialising in both residential and commercial floor cleaning. A family run business which prides itself on its excellent customer service and quality of work, the team’s expertise covers both internal and external flooring surfaces.

A prospective client contacted Rhino Rocks regarding the restoration of a residential care home in Leeds which was nearing completion. The building contractors wanted to find a reliable company who could clean and restore some very tired old vinyl floors, within a relatively tight time frame.

The floors were dry and scratched and needed a substantial amount of care and attention. The contractors had considered various options and were undecided about whether to replace or restore the old flooring.

However, the Rhino Rocks team were confident that by using the right products on the floor, they could deliver brilliant results, without the outlay of buying and fitting a new floor. Martin Beanlands, team coordinator at Rhino Rocks explains:

“We knew that the product applied must be super durable and hard-wearing to accommodate wheelchairs and older people, who would be using walking accessories directly over the floor daily. Our choice was Dr Schutz because we’re confident their products deliver fantastic results. Dr Schutz products tick all of our boxes; they are high quality, easy to apply, and produce a fantastic finish.”

The Rhino Rocks team used Dr Schutz Turbo Strip to fully remove all the old sealant with 36KG machines, combined with 10KG added weight to fully remove all the wax and residue.

Dr Schutz Turbo Strip is ultra-fast and exceptionally effective in stripping surfaces thoroughly and mechanically clean, ensuring they are free from all dust, grease, oil, wax and care films, residues and finishes.

The team’s ultra powerful truck mounted floor cleaning machine at 1300 PSI was then used to rinse the floors with a vortex extraction tool. A powerful drying machine was then deployed to dry the floor areas.

To complete the project, three coats of Dr Schutz Ultra High Shine Hard Sealer was applied to the floor for maximum shine and a quality finish.

Dr Schutz Ultra High Shine Hard Sealer is a hard-wearing and highly scratch resistant polymer sealer for the protection of vinyl and linoleum floors. It creates a shiny, non-slip protective film ensuring a high degree of safety.

The project from the start to the application of the final coat, took 3 members of the Rhino Rocks team 6 hours, followed by a visit the next day to complete the finished floor. After the final coat was applied, the area was left overnight to dry and set.

Martin continues:
“The results we achieved with Dr Schutz products were superb, and the contractor that employed us was delighted, not to mention the customer who had trusted the work to us, he knew we wouldn't let him down! We were also delighted that Dr Schutz was able to deliver additional products to site, at very short notice to make it possible to complete the project.”

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