47 Is the New 50 – Have You Switched Yet?

To build safer, stronger structures requires more than just top quality joist hangers; equally important is choosing the correct sized joist hanger.

Regularised timber is now the UK standard, which means 50mm hangers are yesterday’s news. Unlike rough sawn timber, where the width of a joist can be anything up to 50mm, regularised timber is planed down and the edges rounded for consistency, so regularised timber is always 45mm.

At Simpson Strong-Tie we know that size matters! Regulated hanger sizes have long been offered across our hanger ranges.

National Builders Merchant Sales Manager Steve Allen explains: “Our 47mm range provides the correct, secure fit. Using 50mm wide hangers leaves a gap between the hanger and the joist, which not only requires structural packing in order to meet regulations, but can still result in twisting timber and squeaky floors.

“The wider the hanger, the more important it is to use regularised sizing – and Simpson offer it as standard. We have 47mm hangers for singles joists, 91mm for doubles and 137mm for triple joist applications. Hanging two regularised joists in a traditional 100mm wide hanger results in a gap of 10mm, and three joists in a 150mm hanger means a 15mm gap to pack!”

47 is the new 50 – have you switched yet?

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