Interface Introduces NY+LON Streets Featuring New CQuest™Bio Backing

Interface®, a worldwide commercial flooring company and global leader in sustainability, today unveils its latest carpet tile collection, NY+LON Streets featuring CQuest™Bio, a new carpet tile backing containing net carbon negative materials.

NY+LON Streets is inspired by two of the world’s most iconic cities -- New York City and London -- as well as one of the carpet tile’s core materials – nylon. “The inspiration for this collection came to me while standing on the street in London when I noticed the anti-slip surface on the sidewalk. The diversity and randomness of the repeating squares within the pattern lend themselves well to flooring design, especially carpet tile, and became the basis of the entire collection,” explains David Oakey, founder of David Oakey Designs and product designer exclusive to Interface. “To round out the collection, we shifted our focus to New York City with the beautiful, iridescent colours found in glass vault lights as well as the distressed metal plates peppered throughout the city’s streets and sidewalks.”

The playful carpet collection uses fresh textures and patterns to encourage a new perspective on urban exploration. Wheler Street, Old Street, Dover Street and Reade Street interpret familiar urban textures, such as asphalt, worn metal, and distressed pavement, in a variety of scales. Mercer Street embraces an unconventional grid pattern that Broome Street punches up with contemporary color.

As part of Interface’s flooring system, architects, designers and other specifiers can easily and efficiently pair the collection’s 50cm x 50cm carpet tiles with Interface luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and nora® rubber flooring to achieve integrated flooring solutions.

To create the collection, Oakey focused on the trend of old becoming new again, a design approach that involves renovating older structures and adapting them for use. These repurposed buildings frequently showcase rustic aesthetics juxtaposed with contemporary elements and can have a lower carbon impact than new construction projects.

CQuest™Bio backing

Interface is on a mission to lower the carbon footprint of commercial spaces. Through investment in innovation and guided by materials science, Interface has transformed its backings manufacturing process to produce CQuest™Bio.

The process to create the backing began by adding new bio-based materials, and more recycled content. Then, Interface measured how these materials influence the carbon footprint. These new materials, measured on a stand-alone basis, are net carbon negative – reducing the total product’s carbon footprint.

“As we continue on our Climate Take Back mission, it is incumbent on us to find innovative ways to continuously reduce the carbon impact of our products.” said Ton van Keken, SVP Supply Chain, EAAA at Interface. “This new backing innovation is an important step as we support our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals and we work toward becoming a carbon negative enterprise by 2040.”

Interface will continue using carbon as a building block for future products, and the company is working to reduce the carbon footprints of its LVT and rubber products through additional recycled content and other product innovations. When customers specify flooring products from Interface, including NY+LON Streets, they are selecting carpet tile, LVT and nora rubber that is carbon neutral across its full product life cycle through the third-party verified Carbon Neutral Floors™ programme.

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