Taking a Safety-First Approach to Product Development

Recognised for investing in industry leading research and a collaborative culture – EOS are supporting prominent rainscreen and facade manufacturer, BTS Facades and Fabrications to bring an innovative and high-performance complete walling solution to market.

Taking a safety-first approach, the pioneering Vantage® Secret Fix-Full System (SF-FS) is a complete through-wall system incorporating an external rainscreen facade, protected using EOS’s innovative Thruwall® system, that can be used in both new builds and refurbishment projects.

Developed by BTS in partnership with EOS, Etex, Siderise, DuPont, Knauf Insulation and SFS and Nvelope - the system is believed to be the first in the UK to have successfully completed two large scale tests in accordance with the most recent BS8414-2:2020 standard. The Vantage® Secret Fix-Full System was recently tested in Belfast for fire performance by UKAS-accredited test laboratory Efectis UK and Ireland, and successfully conformed to all the stringent criteria for both internal and external spread of flame, as well as mechanical failure.

Steve Thompson, Managing Director of EOS said: “Bringing our expertise in developing advanced steel framing solutions to the project team, the new Vantage® Secret Fix-Full System is protected by our ground-breaking Thruwall® system - developed in partnership with EOS and Etex.” Compliance with BS8414-2:2020 provides not only technical credibility but importantly for designers and specifiers – certified assurance is now a pre-requisite for many tender opportunities, giving the new Vantage® Secret Fix-Full System a commercial advantage.

Mark Wiper, BTS’ technical manager, said: ““Working collaboratively enables us to harness the collective intellect of industry-leading experts as well as deliver proven performance. This has given us the ability to develop a wall system that is fully compliant with the latest building regulations. Through the dedication and commitment of our supply chain partners, the system has been delivered to market in record time, allowing us to meet the latest safety test standard. This level of testing and collaboration gives clients the confidence in our system knowledge and in our ability to bring projects to market.”

A robust testing protocol was seen as an essential part of the product development strategy to not only gain a specification advantage in the open market but also to demonstrate technical prowess to a wider construction audience at a time when a building’s safety performance is under rigorous interrogation. Demonstrating commitment to regulatory compliance by bringing a fully tested and certified system to market with proven performance was deemed vital by the development team to offer confidence to the construction sector.

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