ETA-approved EJOT Iso-Corner Provides Assured Fixing Solution for Externally Insulated Walls

EJOT has secured ETA (European Technical Assessment) approval for its Iso-Corner load-bearing bracket, an engineered fastening element for medium to heavy weight building elements in ETICS and other external wall insulation applications.

The newly awarded ETA confirms the engineered value of EJOT Iso Corner, which is moulded from high density polyurethane foam and easy to cut on site to sit flush with the external insulation face. Structural strength and adaptability combine to provide a dependable supporting bracket with a cantilever arm to length between 80mm and 300mm.

It is ideal for attaching building elements to a façade that is to be treated with an ETICS – external thermal insulation composite systems – or other external wall insulation solution whilst minimising thermal bridging. These could include railings and Juliet balconies, which require a secure attachment to the load-bearing external wall (substrate) – not the multi-layered external wall insulation system.

EJOT Iso-Corner is part of a range of ETICS mounting elements from EJOT designed to achieve safe, secure and long-term fastening solutions, including:

•  Iso-Spiral Anchor - a spiral-shaped plastic assembly anchor for lightweight elements in ETICS facades, such as house numbers and external lights.

•  Iso-Dart – a fastening system comprising of a façade anchor with plastic installation bush, complete with sealing washer for securely attaching light to medium loads.

•  Iso-Powerbloc – an easy-to-cut block moulded from high density EPS, suitable as a backing to allow for thermal bridge-free attachments in ETICS applications.

For technical support and to find out more about this range of innovative fastener solutions contact EJOT’s specialist EWI engineer Mark Newell.

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