Introducing AliPave – The New 100% Aluminium Non-combustible Paving Support System for Steel Balconies

Aluminium decking manufacturer AliDeck expand their offering for steel balconies with an innovative non-combustible paving support system, providing exciting new balcony flooring choices for architects and specifiers.

In a post-Grenfell world of heightened scrutiny with regard to fire safety, the requirement to source only A-Rated, non-combustible materials has ruled out the use of combustible timber or composite decking on balconies. With practical choice, then, limited to aluminium decking or steel plate flooring, several suppliers have risen to the fore in this niche but crucial corner of the industry.

AliDeck’s aluminium decking range has been well-received and enjoyed remarkable take-up since launching as a standalone brand in spring 2019. Capitalising on the knowledge and experience they have gained from working closely with architects and fabricators over the prior 18 months, however, AliDeck are set to revolutionise steel balcony design with the launch of their new AliPave balcony paving support system.

Incorporating paving into balcony design has previously often been written off as an overly expensive and complex matter due to the requirement of a structural layer of some kind to both support the paving system and to prevent the risk of broken tiles or slabs from falling through the balcony framework.

AliDeck’s innovation, however, is in combining this essential structural layer into the paving system itself, providing a safe and complete solution for granite or porcelain tiling on balconies. What’s more, the AliPave profile cleverly delivers a controlled water-management solution.

Richard Izzard, AliDeck Managing Director, said, “We learned through our decking system development that positive-drainage is an essential requirement in balcony specification for many architects and developers”.

“We produced a unique Balcony Drainage System that is compatible with our entire range of aluminium decking and have adapted that design to seamlessly integrate with AliPave to deliver the industry’s first positively-drained paving system for steel balconies.”

The new AliPave system is truly a leap forward for steel balcony design, opening up a huge range of flooring options to architects as they specify the nation’s homes. With porcelain and granite tiling now easily achievable on high-rise steel balconies with AliPave, balcony specification can reach new aesthetic heights.

To learn more about the AliPave paving support system, please call the AliDeck team.

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