Plank Your Space: Hyper-Realistic Timber-Effect Porcelain Tiles

As the name suggests, timber-effect or wood-effect tiles are tiles, which look like wood but do not act like wood. Made from porcelain and used on both floors and walls, timber-effect tiles can incorporate a range of grain designs, natural irregularities and weathered finishes.

Technology has enabled us to produce unbelievable hyper-realistic timber-effect tiles from porcelain. So much so, that it’s possible to reproduce almost the exact appearance of natural timbers such as oak, ash, pine and walnut. For a more contemporary look, white, white-wash, grey and black surface finishes can also be produced, eradicating the endless hours of staining and future upkeep.

Unlike natural timber, porcelain tiles boast incredible characteristics that put them in pole position for interior and exterior flooring. Compared to real timber, porcelain is extremely durable, easy to install and high load bearing. It doesn’t warp, stain or rot when wet, making it easy to clean and maintain, and importantly resistant to mould, moss and verdigris.

Although the waft of natural wood will be absent, the touch and feel is most certainly present. Whether a beautifully crafted plank with grains and knots is desired to create a stunning entrance, or the simplicity of ribbed garden/terrace decking is preferred, there is a timber-effect porcelain tile range to suit every space – be it commercial or residential.

Surface 360 (formally The Deck Tile Co) specialises in timber-effect porcelain tiles for both the interior and exterior of commercial buildings and residential homes. Discover their hyper-realistic tile ranges online and request real tile samples of your favourite designs before making that important decision at the website.

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