New flooring samples from Kährs

New wood flooring samples have joined the selection at the Kährs Design Studio in London. Additions to the sampling include Kährs' new scandi inspired whitewashed oak designs, Nouveau Lace and Harmony Shell. Also joining the sampling is a new timeless French Pattern design, recently shortlisted in the 'International Design & Architecture Awards' for the Best Hard Flooring award.

White-toned Lace and Shell join the Kährs range this year as Scandinavian influenced flooring, decor and soft furnishings continue to be a popular choice for interiors. Lace joins Kährs' Classic Nouveau collection, a collection of bestselling wood floor designs that have been refined through brushing, staining and a distinctive bevel on all four edges. Shell mirrors the white nuances of Lace, but in a three-strip format which works particularly well in smaller interior spaces, giving the illusion of a larger space.

The new, timeless French Pattern design benefits from a 'ready-to-install' format for a more efficient installation in comparison to a traditional French pattern floor. The design is available in two colours, a golden brown 'Castello Rovere' and a rich, smokey 'Castello Fumo'.

The Kährs Design Studio is in the heart of London's architectural and interior design community, Clerkenwell. Located at 5 Albemarle Way, with a roof terrace overlooking St John's Priory, the studio showcases over 200 large Kährs engineered wood flooring samples - ranging from clean to expressive, rustic designs. Specification appointments and CPD’s can be booked between 9am and 5pm at the Kährs Design Studio by calling the Kährs office.

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