Forbo helps to energise new student accommodation

Manchester design studio Jasper Sanders + Partners has used variety of Forbo’s products in a combination of bright colours to create an energetic and enriching environment for the tenants of Bristol’s latest student accommodation development.

Jasper Sanders, Design Director outlined the design brief for New Bridewell, which offers students contemporary studio-living with communal social spaces and quiet study areas: “Students are now very discerning about the quality of their living environments,” he said, “and our client, Fresh Student Living, wanted us to create an inspiring and vibrant place, which would not only attract future tenants but also help them to connect easily with one another once they had moved in.”

Jasper chose to fit out all communal areas with Tessera Layout carpet tiles which he specified for their modular format, contemporary colour palette and robust durability. Anthracite grey provides a unifying backdrop, connecting the different activity spaces which are highlighted with bright colour pops, yellow being the dominant colour in study areas and a mix of blue shades in more social areas. The ‘pixelated’ layout was specifically designed to reflect the long history of the University’s Department of Computer Science.

Tessera Layout was not the only Forbo range used. “We needed to ensure that students living here would not be disturbed by noise pollution,” said Jasper. “We installed Sarlon Acoustic Vinyl in the studio flats, as the softer surface and acoustic performance should significantly reduce impact sound, and in turn, improve the health and well-being of the tenants.”

“When it comes to student accommodation, you need to create interiors that will excite and energise students. It has been great working with the team at Forbo as the service is quick and efficient and the products on offer are very stylish and well designed – helping us to create the interiors we envisage.”

The New Bridewell project was awarded the winning prize in the Fly Forbo 2016/17 competition.

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