Jacksons Fencing specified at Northwood School

Northwood School is a new £35 million educational facility in the London Borough of Hillingdon. Jacksons Fencing was specified by Lizard Landscape Design to manufacture and install a range of perimeter security applications for various parts of the school site to meet very distinct requirements.

A key reason for specification was the easy availability of technical documents such as Q40s, spec sheets, drawing (.dwg) files and product brochures. Having this material freely accessible makes the specification process smoother for architects, designers and specifiers as they are able to collate product information quickly and draw firm conclusions on the best solutions for each site application.

Jacksons’ Barbican Imperial®, Euroguard®, Featherboard and Hit & Miss style fences and gates were supplied and installed at the school to cover both the external perimeter and inner compounds. Working closely with Lizard Landscape Design, the Jacksons team was able to understand the project as much as possible from the client’s point of view, enabling them to aid in the decision making process and offer alternatives if required.

Cris Francis, Head of Commercial Sales at Jacksons, commented: “On one of the perimeters, for example, low level timber fencing was initially specified for an enclosure within the school grounds. After review however, it was established that the fence height was lower than what was being secured. The Jacksons team was able to propose and subsequently design a bespoke 3m high fence with steel posts in our Hit and Miss styling to provide the necessary protection while keeping the timber look desired at the outset.”

Another crucial detail with this particular installation is that there are quite a number of underground electricity and water services in the area, which stopped the team from digging down and fixing the fence posts with concrete as usual. Instead, the posts were bolted down onto concrete slabs to resolve the issue while maintaining a safe and secure perimeter.

The boundary of the school was secured with Jacksons Barbican Imperial® fences and gates with finials to provide both the aesthetic looks and protection desired. On a different part of the Northwood site there was a need for a solution to prevent unauthorised access to the bottom of a fire escape. To adequately secure the area, the company’s Euroguard® Flatform style of gates were installed to provide a noticeable deterrent while incorporating a push pad for emergency egress.

Jacksons’ Featherboard timber fencing compound products were used internally to provide a clear boundary between the main school and service yard. The main aim was to protect students, teachers and other school users from potential injury from delivery vehicles and other equipment. An added benefit to this solution is that it provides another layer of protection to discourage potential criminals from gaining access from either side.’

Further on-site modifications were carried out during the installation to fit special raked panels under some of the gates as the original site topography drawings differed from the finished ground levels. The adaptations ensured that the original prescribed security was not compromised.

The 2nd phase of the development will involve the installation of boundary fences to the school’s new sports fields.

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